It was a lot of fun when the winegrower Haus Steinbach located in Radebeul asked for a new brand design. Haus Steinbach stands for the original method of mulled wine production. The mulled wine is not preserved and the winegrower uses neither extracts nor artificial flavors. This creates a high quality mulled wine. Freshly prepared, our aromatic friends, such as the star anise, ginger, rosemary, clove and cinnamon breathe it a soulful effect. At her side are other journeymen who want to remain unrecognized. Heated is only in the cup. The result is an authentic mulled wine with a unique taste that never gets into the bottle. A transient pleasure, like a falling star in the winter sky. Good mulled wine is enjoyed with friends.

Client: Haus Steinbach
Discipline: Art Direction, Visual Identity, Character Design, Graphic Design
Photographs: Julius Erler, Jens Herrmann, Marlene Schäller
Illustration Cabin: Birgit Köhler
Sculptures: Figurenbau Peter Ardelt