Hearty welcome..

..to the home of Fernfriedel and much thanks
for your time and interest in my selected works.

Fernfriedel is the creative work of
multidisciplinary artist Dirk Fern Friedel,
traditional designer, illustrator, sculptor,
hand letterer, image maker…
…rock climber, snowboarder, pool player,
cat lover, bald head and God-fearing man.

He holds a diploma in design from the
Bauhaus Dessau | Hochschule Anhalt (FH)
and likes to work with his hands old style,

creating things the traditional way by
starting out with a whole lot of sketches and ideas.
His inspirations come from used things,
simple shapes and created nature.

Fernfriedel offers bespoke Graphic Design,
Branding, Visual Identity, Illustration,
Packaging, Pictograms, Icons, Pattern Design,
and more*°^

Why Fern?

The story is short and it all started with a walk
in Cleveland
Ohio, within the U.S. back in 2001.
When Fern attended the
Cleveland Institute of Art,
he met a girl who would call him „F
ern“ because of
his love for this plant after they went out
talking about nature and what not..

But it also refers to the Adinkra symbol AYA
which means „Fern“.

Adinkra is the name of the Ashanti symbol
language used
on fabrics, pottery, furniture
and such in Ivory Coast and Ghana.
The symbols are used in all areas of daily
life and have a
decorative function but also
represent objects that encapsulate
messages that convey traditional wisdom,
aspects of
life or the environment.


Meaning: „Fern“

The fern is a plant that can grow even
in the most tumultuous of
Aya is a symbol that shows endurance
through tough times.
All of us will
face adversity in our lives.
It is an inevitable truth
that it
won’t always be smooth sailing.
So like the fern, we have to
resourceful and be able to grow
despite whatever obstacles
thrown our way.

So it’s not just about a plant—
it’s also about life.

Taking you time..

..and stopping by at fernfriedeldotcom
makes Fern very happy, but
you‘re reading this, he is either
out there bouldering,
shooting pool
or hanging out somewhere
with his beloved ones.

Please send him a message using the
mail addy of the contact page.
Thanks a bunch stranger!

~ GOD bless you.