I was asked to be part of the group exhibition – L°UTOPIA – curated by Love Foundation Dresden which is a part of the Love Foundation Global. Theme of the group exhibiton is >>Love<< and the only specification for the individual artwork was the logotype of the Love Foundation has to be easily noticable within the final work. So my work is based on the Bible vers John 4.19: >> We love because HE first loved us. << So love is not a property of God but HIS essence. God is Love and forms the base of my artwork. It’s translated in seven languages (devine number) showing that love equals everyone anywhere. The logotype encloses the languages and is held together within them as well. It also contains a label of showing the infinity meaning of the vers because the love of God never ends and so the love withing us will never really end. Thanks for visiting the exhibition and taking a look at the artwork. If you wanna know what the Foundation does just click here. ~ God bless.

Agency: Personal
Discipline: Drawing, Graphic Design, Hand Lettering