Together with team of Galerie Ines Schulz we developed the strategic orientation as well as the new visual appearance for the coming years. The mission statement on which the visual identity is based on says: we give room to discover. We did ask ourselves, what happens when we first encounter a piece of art? The first encounter with art in general is to start looking at it wich is called percept. This stage gets you to first access the art work, activating previous memories, knowledge, feelings, views or experiences. Art is considered visual pieces turning to us through our visual perception, then to our feelings and attitude. At the gallery customers/visitors experience this process every day. To understand art means to see, to perceive, to discover. The pupil within the center of the signet represents the percept–the discovery and experience of art. The circular lettering surrounds the pupil, leaving free space–the room to discover. The ring represents the room where the piece of art is presented. The pupil which stands for the art piece itself is the center to where our attention is directed. When released from the circle, the pupil turns into the responsive version of the signet and becomes additional corporate element.

Client: Galerie Ines Schulz

Discipline: Art Direction, Branding, Visual Identity, Graphic Design
Photographs: Julius Erler