TUUR stands for >> travel << in flat german. Two young ladies graduated from the Bauhaus-Universität Weimar with an fresh product design diploma go for a trip around the world. The history of TUUR begins with the trip to Ethiopia, where Paula and Chrissi learn about forein cultures, people and traditional materials. As being product designer one is constantly thinking about products and their holistic life cycles and feeling responsible for the production conditions and their social and ecological impact. The girls find an local craftsmen, trained tailor, working passionately with leather who loves their work and concept of creating something special. Together they are developing first leather bags in fair production. As a pro bono project we created the picture mark combining the symbols of a hot air balloon, an location pin as well as the globe symbol. The work ranges from naming, storytelling to visual identity, pictographs and cool swing tag folds for their bags. We are pleased to be able to support the ambitious project of the two young ladies.

Client: Tuur Products
Discipline: Art Direction, Branding, Visual Identity, Pictography, Information Graphics
Photographs: Ina Niehoff, Paula Weise, Julius Erler