Taking part in the Snowboard Design Challenge with FYVE Snowboards i wanted to create a shouting topsheet design for the snowboard The Fool, illustrating the quote: „Better to keep your mouth closed and be a fool than to open it and remove all doubt.“ I also design a neat pattern for the base consisting of the Fyve logo in diverse styles as well as tiny sculls and such. The clear space of the base pattern shows the big Fyve logo in total. For the different sizes „The Fool“ comes in five different colors for coding its length. Length 152 cm comes in Flesh color; 143 cm comes in Tooth color; 148 cm comes in Tongue color; 156 cm comes in Lips color; 159 comes in Throat color. Check them all out.*

Client: FYVE Snowboards
Agency: Freelance
Discipline: Hand Lettering, Illustration, Pattern Design, Board Design