Editorial and Graphic Design for a diploma thesis at the Technische Universität Dresden (TUD). The thesis deals with air traffic approach procedures as well as action strategies for air traffic controllers for reaching sequences and staggering at different traffic engineering conditions. All graphics and design had to be scientific and based on the identity system of the university but i wanted it to be a tiny bit humorous as well. Using the unknown term of >> Schweinehaken << for an illustration of the term literally which is an insider term for an approach procedure the funny part of the thesis was all set. The work in general included the editorial design for the thesis as well as different kinds of information graphics, tables and animations. On the side i designed a blue postcard in corporate style showing the >> Schweinehaken << approach procedure as well as the illustration of it. ~ Safety third!*

Client: Stefanie Graupner
Agency: Freelance
Discipline: Editorial Design, Information Graphics, Graphic Design, Animation
Print + Production: SachsenDruck Plauen